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Ulica Petra ZoraniŠa 2
TEL/FAX +385 (0)51 62 16 13
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Our apartments are a home away from home to all of the nature lovers. Everything has a new meaning in this place where people live in the harmony with the nature. Vrsi-Mulo is an ideal place for the time seems to be still here. The sound of the sea, and the smell of the pine trees makes for a holiday one will never forget.

This peaceful lagoon has been a "well known secret" shared and enjoyed by many people for many years. In fact, the history of this area goes back as far as 7th century AD. Mediterranean vegetation, and the sunny climate add to the charm of the area. In this beautiful bay the sea is very calm and fairly shallow, thus it is warmer by two to three centigrade Celsius then the open sea. This is a perfect place for good swimmers, those who are learning to swim in the sea, as well as for children who like to play carefree.

In the close vicinity (about 3 Km), the scientist from Medical Schools of Vienna and Zagreb have discovered the biggest sight of the medical mud. The content of this mud has proven to be healing for a variety of illnesses. Additionally, the warm conditions create a higher sea salinity level and an aerosol that makes the air beneficial to anybody who has problems with breathing (such as asthma).

This area is truly beautiful and intact. The weather is warm and a mid-day breeze of air carrying the smell of the pine trees and the sea makes for a holiday one will remember.

Apartments for 4 persons

1 - terrace
2 - room
3 - bathroom
4 - room
5 - kitchen
6 - balcony
35 m2